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Cost Effective


Projector lamp replacement has the most expensive and laborious share in the ownership costs of a projector. Compared with conventional high-brightness projectors employing mercury lamps, CASIO's Hybrid Light Source* technology reduces operating costs as well as the time and effort involved in lamp exchange while maintaining clear, high-quality images over an extended period.

CASIO projectors operate up to 20,000 hours without lamp replacement. Developed by CASIO, the mercury-free hybrid laser & LED light source combines a strong illuminative performance of up to 3,500 lumens with an extremely long life time of up to 20,000 hours! This means: 10,000 2-hour presentations or 15 years of presentations of 6 hours per day on 220 days a year!

The projectors are equipped with Intelligent Brightness Control. Integrated light sensors automatically adapt the projector's brightness to different lighting conditions of the environment, when being operated from a table. This means further reduction of power consumption, as the projector is working only with the required level of brightness. Thanks to the Intelligent Brightness Control the power consumption with the brightest setting is 190 Watt, with the darkest setting it's only 90 Watt. In the installation mode this can be adjusted manually.

The LampFree™ design is backed by a comprehensive 3 year warranty including 3 years or 6000 hours on the light source; users can expect reliable worry free operation from CASIO Projectors.