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Extended Warranty

Casio Extra Value Warranty Program
Now one of the Projection Industries Best Warranties can be even better! The Casio Extra Value Extended Warranty Program, available in 1 year and 2 year extensions, will provide for up to a total of 5-years parts and labor coverage. When combined with the 5 year or 10,000 hour light source warranty (on select models), a Casio LampFree&treg; Projector can be covered by a 5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

While Casio LampFree® projectors are already providing our customer with reliable long term operation some customers, especially in the education market, want the peace of mind 5 years of warranty coverage gives them.

A further enhancement:
Thanks to our 20,000 hour light source life and reliable continuous operation, many Casio LampFree® projectors have been installed in extended use and even 24 x 7 applications. Under operating conditions of 10 hours per day for 5 or more days per week, the Casio standard light source warranty is 1 year or 6000 hours. For our extended use customers they can purchase a 2 year Light Source Extended warranty which will provide them with 3 years Parts & Labor and 3 years or 15,000 hours on the light source.

Casio Extra Value Warranty Downloadable PDF

  CASIO Extra Value Warranty
Parts & Labor Warranty
Extends standard 3 yr Parts & Labor Warranty
  Extended Use
Light Source Warranty
    One Year   Two Years   Two Years
Model   Model Part #   Model Part #   Model Part #
XJ-A142   XJ-A142 YA-A1421YR   XJ-A142 YA-A1422YR   XJ-A142 YA-A142LS2
XJ-A147   XJ-A147 YA-A1471YR   XJ-A147 YA-A1472YR   XJ-A147 YA-A147LS2
XJ-A242   XJ-A242 YA-A2421YR   XJ-A242 YA-A2422YR   XJ-A242 YA-A242LS2
XJ-A247   XJ-A247 YA-A2471YR   XJ-A247 YA-A2472YR   XJ-A247 YA-A247LS2
XJ-A252   XJ-A252 YA-A2521YR   XJ-A252 YA-A2522YR   XJ-A252 YA-A252LS2
XJ-A257   XJ-A257 YA-A2571YR   XJ-A257 YA-A2572YR   XJ-A257 YA-A257LS2
XJ-M141   XJ-M141 YA-M1411YR   XJ-M141 YA-M1412YR   XJ-M141 YA-M142LS2
XJ-M146   XJ-M146 YA-M1461YR   XJ-M146 YA-M1462YR   XJ-M146 YA-M146LS2
XJ-M151   XJ-M151 YA-M1511YR   XJ-M151 YA-M1512YR   XJ-M151 YA-M151LS2
XJ-M15   XJ-M15 YA-M1561YR   XJ-M15 YA-M1562YR   XJ-M15 YA-M156LS2
XJ-M241   XJ-M241 YA-M2411YR   XJ-M241 YA-M2412YR   XJ-M241 YA-M241LS2
XJ-M246   XJ-M246 YA-M2461YR   XJ-M246 YA-M2462YR   XJ-M246 YA-M246LS2
XJ-M251   XJ-M251 YA-M2511YR   XJ-M251 YA-M2512YR   XJ-M251 YA-M251LS2
XJ-M256   XJ-M256 YA-M2561YR   XJ-M256 YA-M2562YR   XJ-M256 YA-M256LS2
XJ-UT310   XJ-UT310 YA-UT3101YR   XJ-UT310 YA-UT3102YR   XJ-UT310 YA-UT310LS2
XJ-A141   XJ-A141 YA-A1411YR   XJ-A141 YA-A1412YR   XJ-A141 YA-A141LS2
XJ-A146   XJ-A146 YA-A1461YR   XJ-A146 YA-A1462YR   XJ-A146 YA-A146LS2
XJ-A241   XJ-A241 YA-A2411YR   XJ-A241 YA-A2412YR   XJ-A241 YA-A241LS2
XJ-A246   XJ-A246 YA-A2461YR   XJ-A246 YA-A2462YR   XJ-A246 YA-A246LS2
XJ-A251   XJ-A251 YA-A2511YR   XJ-A251 YA-A2512YR   XJ-A251 YA-A251LS2
XJ-A256   XJ-A256 YA-A2561YR   XJ-A256 YA-A2562YR   XJ-A256 YA-A256LS2
XJ-M140   XJ-M140 YA-M1401YR   XJ-M140 YA-M1402YR   XJ-M140 YA-M140LS2
XJ-M145   XJ-M145 YA-M1451YR   XJ-M145 YA-M1452YR   XJ-M145 YA-M145LS2
XJ-M150   XJ-M150 YA-M1501YR   XJ-M150 YA-M1502YR   XJ-M150 YA-M150LS2
XJ-M155   XJ-M155 YA-M1551YR   XJ-M155 YA-M1552YR   XJ-M155 YA-M155LS2
XJ-M240   XJ-M240 YA-M2401YR   XJ-M240 YA-M2402YR   XJ-M240 YA-M240LS2
XJ-M245   XJ-M245 YA-M2451YR   XJ-M245 YA-M2452YR   XJ-M245 YA-M245LS2
XJ-M250   XJ-M250 YA-M2501YR   XJ-M250 YA-M2502YR   XJ-M250 YA-M250LS2
XJ-M255   XJ-M255 YA-M2551YR   XJ-M255 YA-M2552YR   XJ-M255 YA-M255LS2
XJ-ST145   XJ-ST145 YA-ST1451YR   XJ-ST145 YA-ST1452YR   XJ-ST145 YA-ST145LS2
XJ-ST155   XJ-ST155 YA-ST1551YR   XJ-ST155 YA-ST1552YR   XJ-ST155 YA-ST155LS2
XJ-H1650   XJ-H1650 YA-H16501YR   XJ-H1650 YA-H16502YR   XJ-H1650 YA-H1650LS2
XJ-H1700   XJ-H1700 YA-H17001YR   XJ-H1700 YA-H17002YR   XJ-H1700 YA-H1700LS2
XJ-H1750   XJ-H1750 YA-H17501YR   XJ-H1750 YA-H17502YR   XJ-H1750 YA-H1750LS2
XJ-H2600   XJ-H2600 YA-H26001YR   XJ-H2600 YA-H26002YR   XJ-H2600 YA-H2600LS2
XJ-H2650   XJ-H2650 YA-H26501YR   XJ-H2650 YA-H26502YR   XJ-H2650 YA-H2650LS2