LampFree Benefits

Laser and LED Light Source Technology

LampFree Projector CASIO Grenn Technology

An optical engine unique to Casio that combines a high-luminosity blue laser and a red LED.
The color green is achieved by passing the blue laser through phosphor. This projector’s bright projection at low power consumption—compared with high-pressure mercury-lamp and other semi-conductor light source projectors—has been achieved through outstanding power-saving technology and optical block optimization, both of which achieve high projection efficiency.

*Right image is for depiction of mechanism only.

Contributing to sustainability.
The LampFree Revolution produces three core values.

Environmental Value

Solving the problem of the mercury lamp.
Leaving a beautiful planet for future generations.

Casio’s LampFree Projector offers environmental value. Since it doesn’t use a mercury lamp, it eliminates the toxic substance of mercury. While numerous mercury lamp projectors are still in use around the world, Casio is setting a new standard with the spread of the sustainable LampFree Projector and this is reducing our impact on the environment.

Eliminating the toxic substance of mercury

Our unique laser and LED hybrid light source eliminates the toxic substance of mercury by no longer using mercury lamps. This not only prevents contamination of soil and water, but also reduces harm to the human body.

Resource saving by eliminating the need for lamp and filter changes

Unlike mercury lamp projectors, this projector requires no lamp changes nor filter changes, and, thereby, contributes to the conservation of resources.

Reduced power consumption allows for more energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions

Power consumption levels have been reduced to near half that of high-pressure mercury lamp models, and this helps in saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

Economical Value


When purchasing projectors it's not just about the initial purchase price but the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO includes all costs that you will actually pay over the life span of your projector, including energy, repair and maintenance costs. Casio LampFree projectors consume less energy - up to 50% less electricity when compared to conventional lamp projectors, plus LampFree eliminates the need for expensive replacement lamps or filters. Minimal maintenance means minimal labor costs to maintain as well. Add it all up! Original purchase price, elimination of replacement lamps and filters, reduced labor costs and reduction of energy, combined with a 20,000 hr life span proves Casio LampFree is the right choice for lower TCO.

Contributing to a reduction in TCO

The LampFree requires no lamp or filter costs. This has enabled a reduction in costs on spare parts and the labor expenses involved in changing them. Also, with our advanced power-saving technology, we have reduced power consumption by 40-50% compared to high-pressure mercury lamp models. You will be able to save on your utility costs. This makes a major contribution to the reduction of TCO.

Comparison of total cost over 5 years

*With use for 5 hours / day, 200days / year. Eco mode “Eco 1” selected.

Functional Value


Projectors are used in a variety of environments, from work to school, so we went out of our way to improve usability. Powering on takes only 8 seconds, and that includes the time it also takes for the projector to achieve full brightness! When you're done, turn it off just as instantly, with no cool down time needed. Stress free operation also means no maintenance is required with lamp or filter changes, plus there’s no risk of ruptured Mercury.

Simply because it is LampFree, the bother of managing spare parts is reduced. And, the light source has a long lifespan of approximately 20,000 hours.

*Comparison with a high-pressure mercury lamp model (earlier CASIO product). As of February 2016, CASIO investigation.

Its unique dust-resistant design ensures there is no degradation in brightness due to dust.*

We adopted a dust-resistant design that isolates the 3 blocks containing the optical engine, light source, and power source. Since no dust is allowed to enter the optical engine block, a degradation in brightness due to dust is reduced.

*Applicable models: Entry models, advanced models, ultra short throw models.

Projects at maximum brightness in as little as 5 seconds*1 . Eliminates frustration with the Quick ON and OFF.

*1 As little as 8 seconds with slim models
*2 Supported models: Core and Advanced models.