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Why Nova Scotia Schools are switching to Casio lamp-free projectors
December 29, 2013

XJ-SK650 Double Stack ProjectorWouldn't it be great if there was a central resource that would check out the latest technology for you, recommend the best fit for your needs and negotiate a great price?

Such is the case in Nova Scotia, Canada, where the provincial Department of Education maintains staff consultants who work closely with representatives from each school district to research and negotiate technology purchases.

Just over a year ago, they recommended that local schools begin buying Casio projectors equipped with an LED/laser hybrid light source rather than mercury-based projection lamps. The schools responded by switching almost 50% of the projectors they purchased last year to lamp-free models, a percentage that's expected to rise to about 60% in 2011/2012.

"We certainly see the benefi ts of a machine that has the same lumens, the same technology and can be integrated into our classrooms in the same way as other projectors, but doesn't require lamp changes or filter cleaning and reduces the environmental impact of its use," explains Wayne Hamilton, who chairs the technology committee and does much of the equipment research for the Nova Scotia Department of Education in Halifax... more >

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