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   Casio to Expand Ecolite Lampfree® Projector Series with New Model
November 2, 2015
Casio America, Inc., announced today that it will expand its EcoLite™ lineup of next-generation LampFree® projectors. Casio has been working to achieve an attractive base price and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for users, while increasi
   Casio Expands Projector Portfolio with New Ecolite Lampfree Model
January 20, 2015
Casio America, Inc., a pioneer in the data projection space, is proud to announce the addition of a new introductory model to its portfolio of projector offerings.
   Casio Receives Prestigious Education Award for its Ultra Short Throw Projector
December 10, 2014
Casio America, Inc. is proud to announce that its Ultra Short Throw Projector, the XJ-UT310WN, has received a 2014 Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning magazine (a NewBay Media publication).
   Casio Projectors Provide The Ultimate Home Theater Experience
September 15, 2014
To upgrade your home theater system in time for the busy fall sports and movies season, consider Casio America, Inc., the leading brand of LampFree® projectors.
   Casio Updates Slim Series Lineup For Quality Lampfree® Projection On The Go
June 10, 2014
Casio America, Inc. is proud to announce its new lineup of SLIM projectors. The SLIM series of LampFree® projectors feature Casio’s proprietary LASER & LED HYBRID Light Source, which combines a laser, a fluorescent element, and LEDs to gene
   CNNCTD+100 x Casio LampFree™ Projectors at Scope Art Show
December 29, 2013
CNNCTD+ collaboration with Casio in the making of CNNCTD+100, an interactive display of 100 creative influencers and cultural leaders, at Scope Art Show in Miami.
   Airus Media's Airport Virtual Assistant Puts on a New Face with Casio's LampFree™ Projectors
October 16, 2013
AVA combines a discreet projector with a specially designed screen that has been cut to look like a live presenter. As a result, a realistic virtual presenter captivates visitors by speaking and engaging as a live presenter would.
   Casio Launches Extra Value Warranty Program for Entire Portfolio of LampFree Projectors
August 15, 2013
This new extended warranty is available for purchase at any time during the original warranty period and applies to the Signature, Short Throw, SLIM and Pro Series of projectors. The purchase program offers a one-year or two-year extension for up to
June 12, 2013
Industry Frontrunner Leads with Extensive and Innovative LampFree™ Projector Portfolio

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