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New Jersey school district considers green program
December 30, 2010

The Township of Boonton Board of Education is considering an initiative that would promote environmentally sustainable practices. The Township of Boonton Board of Education in New Jersey recently took an interest in environmental sustainability and agreed to discuss a program to implement green practices and technology, Neighbor News reports.

Though it has not yet been approved, community member Barry Branter stated the Sustainable New Jersey Certification program would enable the school district to save money in the long run by introducing eco-friendly guidelines regarding chemicals, landscaping, building materials and other aspects.

Schools and other organizations across the country have found investing in green initiatives can help save money down the road. For example, educational institutions can purchase an energy-saving computer, an efficient lighting system or a mercury-free classroom projector to reduce the amount of energy they consume.

The program is based on a system of points, which are earned when the school employs good sustainability practices, Neighbor News reports. After accruing a certain number of points, the school would be awarded the certification and have access to grant money to pursue other environment projects.

According to the news provider, the board members were receptive to Branter's presentation and welcomed more information in the future.
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