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Delaware school uses grant for new laptops
March 2, 2011

Wilmington Montessori School will use a grant from the Verizon Foundation to purchase 12 laptops. Wilmington Montessori School in Wilmington, Delaware, recently received a $17,500 grant from the Verizon Foundation to expand its use of innovative teaching methods in the classroom, Cecil Whig reports.

According to the report, the grant will be used to support the school's five-year plan, which is intended to develop a teaching model that supports critical thinking, innovation and creativity.

One way the school will support this plan is by integrating new technology in the classroom. According to the report, the school will purchase 12 new laptops, providing students access to online content, which they can use to expand the learning experience beyond the classroom.

"Our approach to technology at Wilmington Montessori School has grown by leaps and bounds," said head of the school Linda Zankowsky. "Already, we've seen great progress in evolving from a ‘computer class' model to more integrated use of technology across our programs and curriculum."

Many schools use grants to purchase new classroom technology, such as a computer, an interactive whiteboard or HDMI projector.

In addition to education, the Verizon Foundation provides grants to organizations that support a wide range of causes. For example, the philanthropic group recently awarded two Dallas-area women's shelters with $30,000.
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