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Connecticut school district to revamp technology infrastructure
January 31, 2012

The Hartford Courant recently reported that school board officials in Farmington, Connecticut, met to discuss future staff and technology funding for the 2012-2013 year.

According to the news provider, the proposed technology budget would total nearly $770,000, with $319,490 allocated for replacing existing equipment. More than $145,000 would be spent on new classroom technology, including thin client servers to help lower IT infrastructure costs.

Technology coordinator Ted Lindquist said that thin client servers allow up to 50 students to access the same mainframe, which offers the district greater cost savings, the Courant reported.

Other classroom technology can benefit students in their educational pursuits. A tablet computer, a document camera or an HDMI projector all offer innovative ways to educate children.

"Lindquist, who initiated the budget development process, worked with principals and building coordinators to identify what devices, programs and services throughout the school system were in 'critical need' of replacement," said the Courant report.

The school board meeting also included a staff proposal that aims to hire nearly 10 full-time employees for the upcoming year, according to the news provider.
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