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Maine school district hopes funding will keep music, technology in the classroom
February 1, 2012

York school officials in Maine recently voted unanimously to pass a funding bill to a budget committee for further approval, reported.

According to the report, the $26.1 million in funding will be focused primarily on technology costs and maintenance for the four local schools. Under the proposed bill, the high school would continue to offer a string music program,  and the district would be able to afford a two-year lease for of 240 iPads.

However, one school committee member indicated that now may not be the proper time to extend the music initiative.

"It's a valuable program for certain students, but it's a hard time now to extend a program," York School committee member John D'Aquila told the news provider. "Now isn't the time to extend it; I can't rationalize it."

Districts may be faced with budget cuts in some areas, but new technology can help upgrade a school's IT infrastructure. For example, a document camera, an interactive whiteboard or a DLP projector all can be used to infuse a new learning passion among students.

The SeaCoastOnline report also noted that committee member Dwight Bardwel said this is the first time a budget has been passed without a signed labor contract among its teachers.
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