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Colorado students take to streets for new classroom technology
February 29, 2012

Students at Beaver Valley Elementary School in Brush, Colorado, recently participated in a fundraising event at a local Wendy's restaurant to raise money for approximately 30 iPads, Brush News-Tribune's Katie Collins reported.

According to the news source, the Apple iPads will be available to all students and staff members as part of an effort to update the school's technology infrastructure.

"The Beaver Valley School Technology Project was first organized three years ago, when the school's technology committee decided to set goals for implementing new forms of educational technology in the school and to support growing student needs in the classroom," wrote Collins.

The popular Apple devices have certainly struck a chord with students, but other technology can also promote new learning fundamentals. For example, a school might adopt a document camera, an interactive whiteboard or an HDMI projector to promote new learning initiatives bolstered by classroom technology.

Since its launch, the technology project has funded several devices, including classroom response systems known as clickers. According to reporter, Beaver Valley Principal Jennifer Kral said the clickers have been successful in promoting teacher and student interaction.
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