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New Jersey schools receive $10,000 to upgrade classroom technology
February 29, 2012 recently reported that the Peter Cooper and Robert Erskine schools in Ringwood, New Jersey, each received $10,000 in grants from the Ringwood Education Foundation to upgrade their classroom technology.

REF president Erik Felton made the announcement last month at a board of education meeting, according to the news source.

"We have been fortunate enough to make these technology splashes to individual schools about every two years as funds allow," Felton said. "We hope these technology splashes will prepare our students for the future technology they will encounter in high school and college."

The news provider reported that Felton also thanked administrators, community members and teachers for their assistance with the technology initiative.

With cutting-edge technology, such as a tablet computer, a document camera or a classroom projector, schools can educate their students in exciting and unique ways.

According to the news source, REF was founded in 1993 by former board of education members and made a comeback in 1999 after a hiatus. The organization has supported many grants requested by local area teachers since its inception.
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