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CNN names Heavy Rain video game of the year
December 30, 2010

The plot of Heavy Rain surrounds the actions of the Origami Killer. With its cinematic storytelling and an intriguing narrative, CNN recently named Heavy Rain for the PlayStation 3 the best game of 2010.

"An interactive thriller that raises the bar for adventure gaming by injecting genuine choice and emotion into its suspenseful nonlinear narrative," stated Scott Steinberg, CNN contributor and head of technology at game consulting firm TechSavvy Global. "It features storytelling that's every bit as gripping and cinematic as anything Hollywood produces."

Created by Quantic Dream and released in February, Heavy Rain follows the stories of four protagonists connected by a serial murderer known as the Origami Killer. The game's plot moves like a branching narrative. There is no win or lose scenario - every action simply furthers the story.

The game features an intriguing plot with several twists and turns. Gamers who want to get the most of the suspenseful gameplay, as well as the stunning graphics and animations, can connect their PlayStation 3 to an HD-TV, LED monitor or a DLP projector.

Rounding out the top five of CNN's list include Red Dead Redemption at No. 2, followed by Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mass Effect 2 and Rock Band 3.
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