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High Level Features

- Anoto Pattern-Scanning Digital Pen
- 82 in Magnetic Screen
- Support for up to 4 pens

  • YA-W72M

Interactive Whiteboard


Anoto pattern-scanning digital pen

The YA-W82M uses the Anoto pattern-scanning digital pen, which features excellent tracking and high levels of precision. It displays detailed text clearly with minimal positional error, making handwritten input simple and stress-free. And you can switch between a stylus refill or ballpoint-pen refill as the pen tip.

The Anoto dot pattern output onto a screen or onto paper is made up of rows of individual dots, and by scanning those dot patterns, the digital pen can accurately determine and coordinate the location on the screen or paper. The tip of the pen has a built-in CMOS camera that photographs the patterns on the screen or paper. The processor in the pen then processes the location data and sends it to your computer via Bluetooth. In this way, annotations are overlaid and projected onto the screen.

82-inch magnetic screen

The YA-W82M uses a large 82-inch screen that is equivalent to a normal blackboard. The carrying case makes it easy to carry, so much easier than moving a conventional whiteboard on casters. And the magnets on the back of the screen mean you can have it ready for projection simply by sticking it onto an existing magnetic surface. It's ready to use in no time.

project directly on screen

Lesson content or presentations are printed out onto special paper using Anoto patterns. Anything you write on that paper with the digital pen can be projected onto the screen. This allows you to directly access the projection screen via handheld materials, so you can continue your explanation even when you're away from the screen, making it that much easier to talk and annotate your presentation at the same time.

input from up to 4 pens

The YA-W82M supports written input from up to 4 digital pens at the same time. Handwritten content is projected onto the screen in real time, allowing everyone involved to share their information. Teachers can correct their students' answers on the spot, different departments can write color-coded comments on the same drawing -- the applications are endless.

frequently used functions

Casio software is included that makes the system easier to use by providing intuitive icons and easy-to-use functions. The user-friendly toolbar is straightforward even for first-time users, aiding student comprehension and making meetings more efficient.

Mouse mode

Lets you use the special pen for Windows™ operations such as selecting and opening files.

Presentation mode

Allows you to give presentations using a dedicated format. You can even use multiple pens for multiple operations.

Capture & Draw mode

Using the Screen Capture function, you can save images that you’ve drawn using the special pen as image files.

Toolbar position selection

Provides access for younger students who have trouble reaching up high.

In the classroom, at meetings.

The Casio Interactive Whiteboard works brilliantly!

Improves Student Concentration

Digital pens facilitate lessons that involve student participation. Students’ interest is engaged and their concentration improves.

Improves Comprehension of Lessons

Tackling problems as a group. The teacher can correct projected answers on the spot. Now, there are a lot more applications for digital blackboards.

Collecting opinions from various departments

Representatives from different departments write on the screen or on printouts. The saved handwritten comments can then be used as minutes.

More persuasive presentations

Project your proposal on the screen and add notes as you explain it. This allows you to give presentations that are more effective in keeping your audience’s attention.




Model Name

CASIO Interactive Whiteboard

Model No.

YA-W82M (82inch screen)

Digital Pen


6.3” x 0.8” x 0.7”
159.5 mm x 20.5 mm x 18.2mm (Cap closed)


1.4 oz (Including battery and cap)


Decode Anoto Pattern

Data Communication Output

Class 2

Data Communication

Bluetooth version 2.0 standard, HID profile

Tested Bluetooth Stacks

Microsoft stack

Power Source

One AAA-size Alkaline battery

Pen Probe

Changeable stylus or pen

Power on

Cap off

Power off

Cap on

Automatic power off

After 7.5 minutes of no operation or inactivity

Operation Time

Approximately 6 hours (Continuous tapping of dot screen and/or printed document with special dot patterns.)

Dot Screen

Approximately 150 hours (Cap removed)


Effective Screen Size

69.3” (W) x 43.3” (H) (82 inch screen measured diagonally)


6.8 lbs (Including screen case)

Installation Type

Magnetic sheet type

Screen Case

Carrying Case


Software Name

Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO

System Requirement Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 8 (English)

Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (English)

Microsoft Vista SP2 (English)

Microsoft xP SP2 (32bit) (English)


Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz minimum


At least 1GB as well as memory recommended for the operating system being used.

Hard disk

More than 1GB


1024 x 768 (32-bit color) minimum


Direct writing on screen with digital pen or board marker

Mouse Control Mode, PowerPoint Control Mode, Presentation Mode, Capture & Draw Mode

Compliant with Microsoft Power Point 2003,207, 2010

Anoto print function (using Anoto qualified printer)

Simultaneous use of up to four digital pens (Presentation Mode, Capture & Draw Mode)

Variety of line drawing - Pen / Marker, Line Type, Color

Shape insertion, Image file insertion

Included accessories

DP-301 Anoto Digital Pen with stylus core
Battery (AAA-size x1)
Replacement stylus refill
Dot screen (Inside screen case)
Safety hook
Whiteboard markers x4 (red, blue, black)
Melamine foam eraser
Read this first!
Software License Certificate

Optional Digital Pen Model