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Education Projectors


superior images with low cost of ownership

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a classroom projector that was reliable, maintenance free, and never needed a lamp change?

What if the same projector gave you superior color, high brightness, great connectivity, 'green' benefits and 3D capability–yet its lifetime cost was less than the lamp-based projectors you have been buying?

What if that projector was ready for your district's BYOD initiative with the ability to project images and video wirelessly from smart phones, tablets and laptop computers?

Casio LED/laser projectors are all that and more. There even are Short-Throw Models ready for use with interactive whiteboards.

The key is our LampFree® hybrid light source technology, which completely eliminates the need to purchase and install mercury-based replacement lamps. It eliminates lamp failure as well, the biggest cause of projector downtime.

The perfect combination for your classrooms!